Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Maximum Survivalist Personal Survival Kit

Heres a new survival kit that we are currently selling on our site. It includes all the essentials that are time tested and will help your odds when faced with problems in the wilderness.
A look inside the kit
Here is some of the included instructions and give a look into why we chose what we did to put in the kit.

Maximum Survivalist PSK (Personal Survival Kit)

This kit is designed to aid you if you’re faced with a survival situation. It should remain on your person at all times. It’s good to practice and familiarize yourself with the kit prior to taking it out in the field with you.

The survival tin is painted in a tactical color to help with camouflage for military personal. If you are a civilian, affixing a brightly colored piece of tape will aid if finding your kit if dropped in the wilderness. The tin can be used for boiling water or cooking food in a pinch. The inner lid of the kit can be used as a signaling device and can be polished with moist dirt to make it even brighter.

Everything chosen for this kit has multiple purposes. Let’s talk about the contents and uses.

We chose a BIC Lighter because of its reliability and after fuel runs out the flint can be used to spark the Tinder Quik tabs. If you are injured having a one-handed fire lighting device is critical, another reason why we chose the BIC. In the event of a malfunction of the lighter, we have enclosed a fire steel. The fire steel can be used with the razor knife to emit a shower of sparks onto your tinder.

The included tinder is Tinder Quik tabs. They are waterproof and just need to be peeled apart on one end to work. Inside the fishing kit is extra cotton tinder, its enclosed in the vial to help with waterproofing. The Triple Antibiotic ointment can be applied to the cotton tinder to help as a flame extender. The Duct tape can also be stripped apart to be used as tinder with the lighter.

Signaling comes in the form of a whistle. 3 short blast is the universal signal for help. This is a pealess design that works well. As I mentioned above the lid of the tin can be used as a signaling mirror. For night time signaling you can use the LED light included.

The Button compass has been added to help aid in navigation. Find a cardinal direction and head that way. This will keep you from walking in circles.

The orange handled utility knife is your cutting tool. Its handle will keep it getting lost on the forest floor. It can be affixed to the LED light keychain to prevent it from being lost. There is no substitution for a fixed blade knife and I suggest having one of those on you as well.

The fishing kit can be used to catch fish as well as small birds.

The paracord bracelet can be taken out of the kit and worn daily if you so choose. It was designed to be the cordage for this kit. You can construct a shelter with it, make a bow drill fire kit, or used to make more fishing line by using the inner strands. Really its uses are endless. The zip ties can also be used for gear repair or shelter construction.

On the medical side, we’ve included bandaids and antibiotic. To help with small cuts. There is water purification tablets as well.

Hope that you never have to use this kit in a real situation. But if you do I hope it serves you well. 
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