Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SOL Origin Survival Kit

                      The sol origin survival kit  is a abs plastic water case .with a flip- signal mirror, fire striker, compass and a folding - blade knife are stowed on the outside  of the case .What is so nice about this is some of this items can be used while still in the case such as the compass, whistle and the LED light..The compass is very useful and the box has been demagnetized so that it can be used while still on the box. Now  while having some of the items are on the outside like your knife, compass,whistle,fire striker led light .you can open up to the inside and there you will find 150lb.- test braided nylon cord,mil-spec stainless wire, tinder quik, fire starting tinder,aluminum foil, safety pins and 62 tips on survival.

There is extra room inside the kit to add more items for you to personalize the kit. The lid of the kit has a acrylic signaling mirror and it can be used with the kit being closed. I've tested it out to some pretty far distances and its rated as being tested out to 20 miles. The flash light can also be used for signaling. The spark wheel striker can be held up in the air and striked to make a signal also.

Some extra space can be given by removing the wrist lanyard and hooking it to the outside of the box. It keeps it handy.

Buck Tildon has written the survival tips book that is included in the kit. It has 62 survival tips in it to help you survive, pretty good stuff. The color of the kit is bright orange to help you find it in your backpack or if you drop it on the ground.

I reviewed the Spark Lite fire starter and the Firestriker is very similar. The tinder quick tabs work good, especially when wet. You just pull them apart and spark the wheel and you got fire. They will burn about 3-4 minutes. But you can also use them with matches, lighters, or firesteel.

This is a good personal survival kit. Its small and lightweight and easy to carry and the whole kit weighs 6.25 ounces. You can buy these at Sportsman's Warehouse. Check out Adventure Medical kits for more information.

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