Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A R 500 Steel From Shoot Steel.com

      I had the chance this past Thursday to shoot the AR500 steel from Shoot steel.com.With all the rain we have been having over the last few weeks I have not had the opportunity to get out and shoot. Now that we have had a some clear weather we was able to shoot some good steel. What I mean about good steel is that the AR500 from Shoot Steel.com is some awesome steel.We shoot the ar22, 9mm, 40cal, and the ar15. Now the steel didn't have any pitting at all; I love this steel. You shoot this steel I think all day and have a ball doing it.You can find ar200 ,ar500 steel and other accessories for all your shooting needs at shootsteel.com please check this guys out.Tell them that Max form Maximum Survivalist sent you.


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  3. We enjoyed your shooting videos. Would you be interested in testing some of out AR15's? We will send a few models to you land you can keep them after the review. Email us back and check out our website if your interested. Thanks

    1. Sure we would be interested in reviewing some. How do we go about finding more information?

    2. Great! We will need to transfer ownership through your local FFL dealer. These will be a few new short carbine models with telescoping stocks. We would like to see you run some drills with them barrels, close quarter drill type stuff. Let us know if your truly interested we would like to get moving on this pretty fast. Thanks.

    3. Great Max, we like your style an think it will go well with our company's AR-15 platforms. We are up and coming and need all the support we can get. Give us about two weeks to build them and we will get shipment info from you then. We will be sending you two models: one coyote tan with a quad rail extending the full barrel length. The other will be a black short carbine version. Thanks again and talk to you soon!

  4. Max, one more thing. Can you send us some photos of your range and close quarters shooting facility, where you will be testing our firearms. Thanks

  5. This Shooting guns is pretty good can you give me new guns picture i want to purchase because i live in small village and this guns is very important for me to survive in life.