Sunday, July 7, 2013

Issaqueena Falls

Im standing where the Indian Issaqueena was hiding in the waterfall

          My family and I traveled to Issaqueena Fall over the the holidays . Now the legends goes like this-  Issaqueena was a creek Indian maiden named Issaqueena who had been captured by the Cherokees. She met and fell in love with a white trader named Allan Francis. When she learned that the Cherokee were planning an attack on the fort where her beloved lived, she road a horse 96 miles to warn the white settlers . When the Cherokee came after her Issqueena saw them coming and knowing that they believed evil spirits lived in the water falls but instead she hid on a ledge behind the water falls. she remained there until they were gone and it was safe thus tricking her pursuer.You can find this water fall and more near the city of Walhalla in Oconee county's S.C   P.S this is how the city of 96 got its name.

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