Sunday, October 27, 2013

Porta-Potty Transformation

I love making my own deer blinds and stands. So I was thinking about what would make a good deer blind. Something that would be cheap and easy manage,.I was thinking that I needed something that was water and wind proof . Then it hit me a port-a- potty would be a great deer blind, it sits outside all the time and it would be an ideal blind for one man. So where I work at that had some old ones that they weren't  using any more and they gave me two , you can't get it any cheaper than that..I took them home ripped out all the plumbing and aired  them out for weeks. After that I used a saw to cut some windows in it  and put down some plywood on the floor. Next I  camouflaged it up, man this is an awesome blind, take a look at the pictures and tell me what you guys think. In all I got about 35 bucks in the paint, that's it..I've got one on a food plot now and we are seeing deer all around it, just think you are out of the wind and rain sitting in a great blind that you to can make yourself.