Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bug Out Vehicle

                       Guys what vehicle would you take in a bug out situation, and what would you have in it? I have a family of four. So I couldn't take my big F150 with big tires because there isn't any room; so that's out. My wife's SUV has a lot of room for all of us, and room for all of our gear .Now packing the car for a bug out situation would be my wife's job because I think she can pack a month of clothes in one suit case, she is that good at packing.I have pretty much ever think together that I would take with us. A good thing to remember is to always have your car in good running condition such as good tires, batteries, gas, etc...When stuff's hitting the fan you don't want to have to be worrying weather you have had an oil change or not. I try to keep water, fire extinguisher, blankets, and a medical kits in the car at all times.You will need a good plan on what route you would take out of town and once you got out where would you go. These plans must be well thought out. You may need to do dry runs and see how long it would take you to get there, and what alternate route you can take if the first route was blocked with debris or even if there is a traffic jam and its so backed up that you can't get through. When things get this bad, and it will guys, be ready on all ends. Have tents/campers/buses (what ever you can get). To take care of your family. If you and your family can afford it buy a piece of land somewhere and start prepping and tell no one about the location or what you are doing. When SHTF you will need guns/ammo and a lot of it, if you guys have kids teach them how to shoot and how to prepare- so they can survive in the world after the storm

Preferably a 4x4 vehicle would be best due to maybe needing to travel off road to go around traffic jams or destroyed roads. Older vehicles that does not require computors or other technologies such as sensors would be easy to repair on your own. I would suggest also packing a basic tool set and jumper cables in your everyday carry in the vehicle. Jumper cables can also be used to start fires in a pinch. Diesel engines can run longer on crappy fuel better than a fuel injected vehicle.

So basically in a nut shell, also spend type prepping your vehicle you plan to bug out in.

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