Friday, January 18, 2013


         Hi guys I"m bringing another gear review to you.It is the Fire Puck from The fire puck is a matchless fire starter.They are made with 67% cereal grains and hardwoods. It will burn completely to ash leaving no unwanted debris. Fuel burns 1400 degrees F for several minutes.These Fire Pucks  are smaller the a dip can. weighting in at 60 grams. You can put the Fire Pucks in you camper, bug out bags, and your cars.It is always good to know how to build a fire by using a fire steel, bow drills, and other fire tools but there is nothing wrong with having a good and easy way to built a fire.You can also use these fire pucks to start you grill and your home fire place. The Fire Pucks can be used in high wind and rain. You can find the Fire Pucks at your local Home Depot and Sportsman's Warehouse. This has been Max Malone and as always guys remember to be safe and God bless America.

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