Saturday, September 6, 2014

     Hey guys, this is Max's wife Chanlyn and he and I were sitting around the house the other day talking about different uses for baking soda. Well we all know that it's great for removing odors from the fridge, and to use as an antacid. Or as an alternative to toothpaste and a whitener with your laundry, but today we are gonna talk about using baking soda in the kitchen
          Baking soda works great against pests you can sprinkle it under you sinks and window sills and it will repel ants and cockroaches Now for those of you who love to garden weather it be flowers or vegetables, sprinkle it around you gardens to deter those bunnies who love to nibble those flowers and eat up all those yummy fresh veggies you have worked so hard to grow all summer long. As long as we are talking about gardening here's another little hint that will make those beautiful tomatoes even sweeter. Sprinkle baking soda around the base of the tomato plant and work it  into the soil. Now after you've grown all those lovely vegetables, or even if you have a horrible black thumb and can't grow a thing and have store bought fruits and vegetables, wash them in a baking soda and water bath. While we are on the subject of growing and washing food here is another great thing you can do with baking soda. Take any dried pea or bean that you are going to cook and soak them in baking soda water it will remove the "gas" from those beans. If you also raise your own meat such as chickens when you pluck the chicken you know as well as I do that removing the feathers is a real chore. So boil the chicken in a baking soda solution and not only will it take the remaining feathers off and make the skin of the chicken clean and bright white. You can also soak your wild game in a baking soda and water and it will take away the gaminess of the meat..
     The list of things you can do with baking soda is very expansive, but this one really blew my mind. My youngest son plays football and my oldest is thinking about joining the track and field team and as you know the sports drinks they sell are so expensive. Well now you can make your own and save tons of money, it's really quite simple baking soda, boiled water, salt and kool-aid and you have your very own sports drink.
     These have been just a few uses for baking soda


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