Monday, August 27, 2012

APALS from Brite-Strike

     APALS stands for all purpose adhesive light strip. The APALS was originally developed for military use. The APALS being a tiny adhesive LED that's completely water, dust, and shock proof. It's amazingly tough and incredibly flexible. The lights have been used for everything from camping and hunting to neighborhood walks after dark and school spirit rallies. I'm going to use them for marking deer stands and trails. They are also good to put on your bicycle and on your shoes for jogging. These water tight lights are small, light weight, bright disposable, and affordable. Now the APALS can be seen from up to a quarter of a mile and has a run time of 40 hours. With a tactical touch switch you can go from  a fast strobe to slow strobe and steady on/off. You can find APALS and other gear at This has been Max from Maximum Survivalist and always remember to be careful and God bless America.

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  1. Good article max. this would be a good addition to a bug out bag if you have to go into the wilderness.