Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reviewing 2 Multi tools

Hi guys this is Max coming to you from Maximum Survivalist and today we are going to be checking out the differences of two multi tools. The first one is by Winchester and weighs right around 12.03 oz. Now included on this particular multi tool is a set of needle nose pliers on one end and cutting pliers on the opposite end. Also attached is a serated cutting blade and medium knife blade as well as a small sized knife blade. Next you will find a phillips head and medium and small sized flat head screwdriver, plus a file with a 3 inch ruler on the opposing side. This particular multi tool comes with a handy carry case and several additional attachments for the screwdrivers.

Our next multi tool is made by Gerber and it weighs approximatley 8.96 oz, it has a push button release on  it. It has needle nose pliers with a wire cutting abilty and a serated edge blade along with a secondary blade that measures out at 3 in. It has a can opener, a bottle opener and 3 different sized flat screwdriver heads and a phillips head. This particular multi tool has a locking mechanism to hold the other attachments in place while using one tool in particular.
Gerber is the Winner

While both tools are very similar they do have differences for instance the Winchester weighs more but in doing so in that 3.07 oz added weight is 10 different screwdriver attachments. As for Gerber it has locking tools that stay out of the way while your using a single accessory. In my opinion they are both good tools in about the same price catagory, but my pick would be Gerber hands down. I would really love to hear from you guys as to which multi tool if any you choose and/ or you use  and why. Thanks this has been Max

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