Thursday, August 16, 2012

U.S Canteen with N.B.C Cap

     Hi guys it's Max from Maximum Survivalist, coming to you with another gear review. I think today we'll take a look at the U.S. military issued canteen with the NBC cap. These canteens are used by people such as hikers, outdoors men, but it's primary user is our U.S. military.
     Now when these canteens were first used they were made from thin metals such a s stainless steel or aluminum. They would get dropped which would cause dings and even holes causing the water to leak out. This day and age they are made from a hard plastic and are equipped with what is known as an N.B.C cap. (N.B.C stands for nuclear, biological, and chemical) This special cap allows you to attach a 28mm drinking hose from your gas mask to your canteen and safely drink without contaminating your water and/or yourself.
     The canteen comes in it's own carry case, which is made from a sturdy nylon, and has its own canteen cup included.This no frills cup can be used for cooking, heating water, signaling for help(metal banging on metal is an excellent noise maker), a heater(combined with esbit tabs or gel fuel), an emergency shovel, or just drinking a hot cup of coffee.
     Well folks this has been my point of view on the U.S. canteen, hope it's been informative. Remember to be careful and as always God Bless America.

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