Thursday, September 27, 2012

EDC- Every Day Carry

Hi guys just would like to talk to all of you about what I think is very important.I'm talking about an  EDC (every day carry) bag it is important to have with you at all times.The reason this is because having a EDC bag with you will have everything you may  need if you get lost,stranded, or even injured on a hike. The bag you choose should be one that fits you most comfortably. I see people getting all kinds of bags just to say that they have one. Not saying that by EDC bag is any better than others. I looked at all kinds of bags before I decided what bag I wanted. If I would have gotten a big bag I would've just put everything in it and even a medium bag would be the same .So I went with the small bag for this reason I liked the bag it was the size I was looking for and it had a lot of pockets in it.The bag I chose was the Red Rock Rover sling bag, the Red Rock is at a low price of  22.49 in Sportsman Guide. I went to the beach this past weekend and I wore it on my back a lot every where I went I had it on..So guys let me tell it wears good, and I only keep  the things that are necessary in my bag. I try to keep it has lite has possible.I hope this helps some of you on choosing the right EDC bag. Thanks Max Malone                                              

      RED ROCK  Sling Bag
    Heavy duty nylon with m.o.l.l.e holdersRed Rock(TM) Rover Sling Bag, Coyote Tan
   Rugged zippers
   Padded back
   Padded,adjustable shoulder sling
   Multiple interior pockets
   Padded top handle
   plastic d-ring
   12x8x8 in size
   315-cu in carrying capacity

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