Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thermal Wrap

  .      Hi guys this is Max with Maximum Survivalist. Today we will be reviewing the thermal wrap survival blanket, from MCR Medical.This disposable blanket is small and compact, it's also water proof and it can be used as a signaling device or a wind breaker. The measurements are 87"x59", which makes it a little bit wider than the average survival blanket and is the right size to wrap yourself up in even with all of your winter gear on. When wrapped in this blanket it holds heat but it doesn't conduct heat, it will also help prevent radiation. Now when all is said an done, this is a great short term blanket, but I wouldn't recommend that it be a primary way of keeping out of the elements. But I would recommend  that it be kept in place such as your glove box or emergency kit in your vehicle. This has been Max, remember to always be careful and God bless America.


  1. Hi Max, thanks for checking out my site. Seems you haves some pretty good stuff going on here! That is one nice knife huh? lol

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  2. hey why wouldnt you just use a tent?

  3. you can use a tent but just remember that a tent takes up space in your bag. but you are right a tent would be better.