Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mission spec Irene Adaptive sling IAS

Hi guys this is Max, with Maximum Survivalist. Today we will be looking at the Irene Adaptive sling IAS. This sling system is created from military grade buckles, with one inch nylon webbing and steel mesh hooks. Now this sling goes from a one-point to a two-point with extreme ease and speed. Its also ambidextrous. In one-point mode the sling can be converted to the two-point mode by simply attaching the front hook sling point on a weapon. At this point the weapon can be rotated onto your back. It's not advised to use your gun while in two-point mode. The purpose of the two-point mode is to free your hands for climbing, crawling, and for emergencies such as helping your buddy to safety. This sling also comes with an emergency release buckle, in case you need to ditch your weapon. I use the Irene Sling on my S&W AR15-22 because on the S&W AR 15-22 doesn't have a buffer tube nut. The Irene Sling is designed with nylon webbing that goes onto the buffer tube. I chose this sling because it looks cool and it very effective when switching from primary to secondary weapon. Thanks for checking it out.

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  1. Nice sling man, thats a cool hat too