Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hunting with my Dad

     When I was young before I was old enough to actually hunt, my dad would take me and do what he called deer tracking. See back in the day we didn't have any private land to hunt so we hunted what was referred to as WMA, better known as Wildlife Management Area. He would show me what the difference between buck tracks and does tracks were, he also would show me rubs, and scrapes. He even showed how to look for heavy traveled areas, when it was good to hunt acorn groves or cut overs. My dad taught me a lot about deer hunting over the years, and I've killed many a deer that I have fed my family with. Now let me tell you my wife she is one who loves to cook and over the years she has made a way to cook just about anything you could want straight from the fresh meat I've brought her. My dad, well he passed away September 2011 and I'm going into this year with out him, and what I would give just to have my dad hunt one more time with me. Especially since I now have private land, well my buddies and I manage some together. It's a lot of hard work, every year there are ATV trails to clean out, food plots to bush hog  and then hare the land before you can even begin to seed.Then you have stands to either repair or replace, but by the time the season comes in it's worth every ounce of work you've put into it.Well this has once again been Max from Maximum Survivalist and I sure do appreciate every review all you guys and gals have read of mine and I hope you continue to do so. Remember to be careful and as always God bless America.


  1. good article we need more hunting articles like this in survival

    1. Thanks it meant a lot to me to write this particular one. Since the anniversary of my dad's death is approaching I just felt like this was the best way to honor his memory.

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  3. hi John this is Max with MaximumSurvivalist whats up