Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BIC Lighter

One of the things that I keep in my PSK (personal survival kit) is a BIC lighter. I know that you think a lighter well I don't smoke, but think for just a minute. If you are in an area where you don't have electricity then a lighter will serve you well. As long as you keep it dry you can light fires, and sure it to signal for help among other things, such as lighting a can of gasoline to blow up some zombies. So when you are making your own PSK, one of the things you may want to put into it is a BIC lighter. It can also be a back up for your firesteel or matches. And they are super cheap and can be purchased about anywhere. Always remember to get a bright colored lighter so it can be found if dropped. In a pinch you can also use the sparking wheel when the fuel runs out. We are trying to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse/Natural Disasters and will continue with these articles.

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