Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Deer

I know I've been a little slow the last few days getting out new reviews, but it's all been because of a hunt that I truly love being able to do. It's a group call OWL (outdoors without limits) this organization has been established for all men, women and children with disabilities to be able to participate in outdoor sports such as hunting and fishing. This includes the Wounded Warrior Project as well. I have the pleasure of being a guide during the hunting that is done here in South Carolina. It just so happens that one of the guides didn't have a partner for this afternoon's hunt, so he took my youngest son with him. Well Brandon is 11 years old and it isn't his first time hunting but it was his first ever kill today. I really couldn't tell you who was more excited his guide Tracy or Brandon. If you would like to learn more about Outdoors Without Limits, join a chapter or just work as a volunteer check out their website at www. They go all over the U.S. and have different chapters spread out far and wide. As always this has been Max Malone saying be safe and God bless America.

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